King Saud

My Dad, Laurence Joseph Cullivan, was in the Navy and aboard the USS Murphy when they transported King Saud of Saudi Arabia to the Yalta Conference. He always told about all the tents on the bow of the ship, and the Kings cook would be preparing a goat for dinner. The cook would make a few cuts , then he would put the knife in his mouth. When they returned the King, he gave all the officers a gold watch and everyone else received the equivalent of thirty dollars. My Dad boasted , thirty dollars was a week’s pay. Doug Cullivan

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  1. Have you pulled over some of the history and Joe’s journal? I am the daughter of John Overhiser and sent a picture to Joe of my dad paying crew (he was the bursar) – it must have been when the King was onboard because there is a Saudi Flag in the background.

    1. Hi Kathy,
      Thanks for posting!
      I have pulled over what I thought was everything from Joe’s old website. Very likely I didn’t get everything. I still have everything from the old website and can get it moved over if you know of anything I missed.


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