Month: November 2019

Former Yeoman 2C, USS Murphy DD603

Link to Revised edition of Dan Crowell’s Murphy Discovery video. Memorial to lost officers & shipmates at Surf City, NJ and our dedication ceremonies. Click on this URL: and the video starts. Double-click on the video and full screen will appear. Keep the URL address for future reference! Fred Sheller

MSgt, USAF (Ret)…formerly Y2C USS Murphy DD603

My Recollections of the Collision of USS Murphy (DD603) By Fredric E. Sheller, former Yeoman 2C, USNR (Occurred on October 21, 1943, at about 9:20 PM (2120 Hrs military time), approximately 100 miles out of New York Harbor.) (Collision was with the SS Bulkoil, American Tanker, as the Murphy and other ships were underway and […]