My grandfather, JC Bise, was on the Murphy

My grandfather, JC Bise, was on the Murphy. My dad said he rarely talked about being in the Navy, except about the Saudi King coming on board with a pen of sheep. He wouldn’t eat the feast prepared, so he just ate beans. Also, a mention of going to Japan.

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  1. Thanks for the post Justin! Funny about not eating the food, guessing maybe it was the smell of the sheep onboard? Maybe Fred Sheller or Don Cobb will chime in on that. They may have even known your grandfather.

    On a side note, Don has written a book that is available on Amazon. You can find it here:

    1. Thanks for mentioning my book. I dedicated the book to the men who served on the Murphy. I researched the ships log and muster sheets to include the names of all the men who served on the Murphy. I am sorry I don’t remember J. C. Bise, but I checked my book and he came aboard in March 1944, the same month I, and many others, came aboard.

      1. My grandfather was a radioman on the Murphy, E. Owen Simmons. He was lost at sea with 37 others in Oct 1943. My mother was just a toddler. Thank you for you book, I just ordered it & will pass the info along to the rest of the family

  2. Thank you for the beautiful tribute Don. My father was Guy Roberts jr. an original plank owner. He would later serve on the uss blue in the pacific. And I learned more about her as I grew older and the different stories. The night in October 43 especially. He would always recount seeing his dad on Brooklyn side of east river as she was towed back to the Brooklyn navy yard. His memories were fond and telling. I will always remember. Thank you for the history of the lady with a shamrock.

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