The USS Murphy ship’s bell has a new home

Joe’s good friend Dawn hand delivered the Murphy bell to the U.S. Navy Memorial in Washington, DC a couple of days ago. Joe was in charge of the bell until he passed this summer. The last Murphy survivors decided that the Navy Memorial would be the best place for it.

Thanks, Dawn, for hand delivering!



Jarrett Smith accepting the Murphy bell and picture




King Saud

My Dad, Laurence Joseph Cullivan, was in the Navy and aboard the USS Murphy when they transported King Saud of Saudi Arabia to the Yalta Conference. He always told about all the tents on the bow of the ship, and the Kings cook would be preparing a goat for dinner. The cook would make a few cuts , then he would put the knife in his mouth. When they returned the King, he gave all the officers a gold watch and everyone else received the equivalent of thirty dollars. My Dad boasted , thirty dollars was a week’s pay. Doug Cullivan

New Website

This website was originally started by Joe Van Eyzeren and the USS MURPHY DD 603 SAILORS ORG.   I’ve helped Joe with the website over the years and right before Joe passed, he asked me if I’d keep it going.  It’s the least that I could do, and will do so as long as I can.

So with that said, I’ve migrated the original website to WordPress.  I’ve added the ability for visitors to comment and add their stories.  It will live on as a tribute to the sailors of the USS Murphy and “The Greatest Generation”.


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